Meet Your Instructors

Bryant O’Leary

Bryant is excited to come to Brio and sweat with you! He has always loved being active from his days a child palyrin soccer to present day where he enjoys hiking peaks across the globe. 

He has spent the last 5 years building his academic knowledge of physical activity. His background is focused on activity throughout the lifespan and strength training.

Bryant is ready to help other build their own knowledge and looks forward to sharing his love of physical activity with you. 

Nick Gonzalez

Nick trained in flow and 26&2 hot yoga at Evolation Yoga in Santa Barbara, California. His teaching philosophy centers on “yoga for all,” with each class specifically designed to show the benefits of the practice to people of all skills levels, from beginner to intermediate. Nick is three years into his own yoga practice and has seen unbelievable benefits, both physical and mental, that extend to every part of his life:

  • Army-related injuries (back, neck and hip) have mostly resolved, enabling him to get better sleep and be a more involved Dad
  • Muscle tone and balance have improved and his “beer” gut – which he thought would never go away without months of core work – is totally gone
  • His mental attitude is completely different, giving him better focus and a more positive outlook no matter what life throws his way

He says he is an entirely different, healthier, more positive person today than he was three years ago. And it’s all because of yoga.

Now, he’s pumped to spend time sharing the same benefits he experienced with everyone around him. His message to you is this: “I want you to grow stronger, mentally and physically, so that you can be a better father/ mother/ hiker/ climber/ runner/ surfer, etc.

Yoga is about YOU, making one small decision to prioritize your own health and wellness.”

Erin Hathaway

Erin is a Montana native who loves exploring outdoors. She and her daughter can often be found hiking, camping or skiing. Growing up, Erin spent most of her time in a dance studio. That love for music and movement has followed her into adulthood and transitioned her into instructing Barre and Oula One. 

She is passionate about delivering an experience in every class that will rejuvenate the mind and body, heat and soul. 

Isabelle Rouselle

Isabelle began practicing meditation in 1993 in Paris, France to be more at peace with her anxious mind. The next year she moved to Los Angeles and studied meditation at the Shambhala Center before traveling to India in 1996 to continue her meditation and studies. She has since continued her studies all over the US and the world. 

In service to the well-being of students, her classes emphasize present moment/breath awareness, self-compassion, playfulness, the inner knowing and gratitude, while holding a tender space for the impermanence of all things. 

Kelsey Ostrander

Kelsey has always loved group fitness. She loves coming together with a group of people to work towards a common goal and having fun while doing it. As a PiYo instructor, she enjoys bringing that to classes she teaches.

Outside of the group fitness room, Kelsey is a wife and mom to two little girls. When Kelsey isn’t teaching she enjoys spending time with her family. Together they love to explore the outdoors and cook together.

Krysta Campbell

Krysta has been a student of yoga since 2011 and she first began her teaching journey back in 2016. She is currently experienced in a variety of classes including Silver Sneakers yoga, gentle yoga, vinyasa, fusion, and heated vinyasa. 

Krysta teaches vinyasa yoga available for everyBODY. Focusing on breath and alignment will allow us to gain more flexibility and strength. Whether you’re looking for more rest or movement, she encourages everyone to customize their practice to make it their own. 

Lizzie Dolan

Lizzie Dolan has been teaching group fitness in Missoula since 2011. Since then she has had an incredibly successful career including the creation of her business, LizFit LLC. in the summer of 2015. Lizzie is certified in Personal Training, Oula, PiYo, Booty Barre and Les Mills Grit, to name a few. 

When she is not teaching classes or training clients she can be found judging gymnastics, playing board games, “reading” books on Audible, watching movies and spending time with her boyfriend and biggest supporter, Donovan.  

Kristin Antonson

A workout fanatic since the mid-80’s, Kristen had always relied on videos to get “in shape”. It became so regimented and boring, and she wanted more fun and freedom in her routine, as well as connection with others.

Shortly after moving from Denver in 2016, she found her true passion in Missoula as a group fitness instructor. Kristen’s background is in Health Care and Exercise Science, and earned her Degree in Biology and Nutrition from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2011.

Exuding her passion and joy in teaching keeps participants encouraged and coming back for more. Her goal is to help others realize their own fitness potential and to find enjoyment in whatever form of exercise is chosen. She believes in doing exercise that you truly love and feel best doing, as you will do more of what you love! Consistency is better than perfection and will give you the desired results.

Some formats that Kristen teaches include; Barre, Oula, yoga-fusion, tabata, and
various styles of bootcamp classes. Come discover your own personal fitness passion and find the fun and freedom of movement!

DJ Reinhardt

DJ has been practicing yoga since 2014 and completed her 200 HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Kendra Potter in 2018. She currently teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, and climbing specific yoga.

DJ believes to do something well, it must be done repeatedly and with intention, and sets out to teach classes with this in mind. She enjoys empowering students to use their breath and own their practice, whatever that may look like.

DJ considers herself a student first, and a teacher second, learning from every class she takes and teaches.

Lori Willard

Lori has been teaching fitness classes in Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley where she resides with her husband, Skip, their dogs and rescue horses, since moving to Montana from Louisiana in 2015. During this time, her primary fitness focus has been to introduce POUND to the Missoula and surrounding areas in establishing a Rockout Rockstar community.

Lori also teaches strength training and is certified in Barre, PiYo, TRX and is in the process of getting her Triathlon Coaching Certification. She has competed in numerous triathlons and loves the thrill of crossing the finish line.

Lori is passionate about her own fitness journey and strives to give encouragement and support to her class participants in achieving their fitness goals. Experiencing the benefits of group fitness firsthand, she has the knowledge and desire to guide others into a healthy lifestyle. Lori hopes to see you in a class soon!

Jenora Haxton

Jenora has taught group fitness since 2001 with her first love being aerobic kickboxing.

Over the years she has taught a variety of classes including Spinning, Piyo, RIPPED, RUMBLE, TRX, strength and toning classes.

Jenora likes group fitness classes because it’s fun and motivating to work out together. Currently she holds 4 different group fit certifications.

She believes the key to longevity in fitness is variety and finding exercise you enjoy.

Emily Linton

Taking care of ourselves isn’t always easy.  We all have a list of excuses that can keep us from making the best decisions for our health.  Choosing to commit to your health is an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in helping my clients find the balance between self-care and the rest of their lives. Sometimes it is easier to be told what to do even if you know what you should do.  My conditioning programs help keep exercise and nutrition pleasurable; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of training is worth the discomfort. I have developed my training regime by working with a variety of people, and always love adapting my programs to new clients.  My credentials include:  National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer; Beacon Pilates, Certified Intermediate Mat Instructor; PROnatal Fitness certificate, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Health Coach, and Precision Nutrition Level 1